Welcome to Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital

Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital is a 64 bed specialised private rehabilitation hospital located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, and in collaboration with our accredited private specialists we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We contribute to the provision of effective and individually tailored programs with the objective of maximising recovery and achieving a return to home, work or your favourite sport or pastime. Our Multi Disciplinary Team, comprising of accredited private specialists, nursing staff and allied health professionals  contribute to the provision of care and education in a warm, supportive and friendly environment for each patient and their family or carer.

At Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital we also conduct outpatient programs and group hydrotherapy sessions. Outpatient programs are conducted in our well equipped gymnasium and non chlorinated hydrotherapy pool. Within the group based sessions, accredited private specialists, nursing staff, allied health professionals contribute to the provision of individually tailored programs to suit patient's needs and enhance their function.

We recognise the integral and important role we play as part of our local community.  This is reflected in our local focus and excellent support programs for our patients, referring doctors and accredited private specialists.

If you have any questions regarding Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital or if you would like to tour our facilities please call 08 8179 4200.